Action Day

Action Day… A day, (usually once a quarter) when the whole UK office get together to review progress, discuss the plan for the year ahead, and have some fun. We met at the RSA just off the Strand and it was the first time I had seen the whole office in one place. There was a real buzz and everyone was keen to get going. It turned out that our Q4 had been exceptional and we had exceeded our targets, TICK. 100% bonus, TICK. We talked through the business structure, the need to simplify balanced with the need to stay relevant in a rapidly changing marketplace and then there were breakout sessions for each of our business offerings. It was fascinating to gain an insight from subject matter experts on what we could deliver to our clients. People and Change was especially interesting for me and is definitely a field I am looking to grow my knowledge in 2015. Throughout the day the new starters were tasked with introducing themselves and there were more than a couple of games to keep everyone on their toes.  The day went in a flash, but the sense of community despite the growing size of the business was clearly evident.

The final part of the day was a Q+A with the head honchos. It was really interesting to get their take on the business and hear from them first hand. The mood was positive but wary about the future. The Consulting market is constantly being disrupted and it doesn’t pay to be complacent.

After Action Day came the party. There’s a small hotel off The Strand called The Savoy where we gathered (with our partners in tow) to celebrate North Highland’s success. Although our office is opposite The Savoy, I have never been in before. Well… if you haven’t had the pleasure, I sincerely recommend taking a stroll through the famous revolving doors and at least taking a look at the lobby if not stay for a cocktail at one of the ridiculously plush bars.

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