Embracing Millennials in Your Organization

For the past 6 months, I have been coaching millennials that are 1-5 years removed from undergrad or graduate school, on uncovering new ways that they can build a more purpose-driven career. The topics I coached on included: Finding more value in...


How to Forge a Team Mentality in Healthcare

At this time of the year, it seems everyone is talking about football, and as a Senior Medical Advisor of Super Bowl 50, I have an insider’s view of what makes teams successful in the NFL.  Being both a practicing physician and a management...


The Evolution of the Consulting Landscape

Source for Consulting recently released their 2015 market outlooks for the UK and the US, including a recap of 2014 and what’s on the horizon in the year ahead. I was pleased to participate in an interview with Source for the US outlook,...


On the Horizon for 2015

If business last year didn’t change fast enough for you, just wait to see how 2015 will evolve at an accelerating rate. Market forces and process innovations that have been driving change across industry verticals are snowballing, and the...