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Old Dog, New Tricks; Older Dog, Better Tricks!

When I was first asked to write about how much I have grown at North Highland, my immediate response was “60 pounds.”  But I was asked to give it a bit more thought, so here you go… I started with North Highland in June, 1998 in Orlando as...

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Watching North Highland Grow

Watching North Highland has been like watching my children grow.  When you can watch something mature that you helped create – it truly is an amazing feeling. From starting as the Executive Assistant for Dave Paterson in 2001 to my current role...

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25 Years, Side By Side

I joined North Highland in 2011 and was instantly put on a very large project to help a major telecommunications company in Atlanta prep for a significant acquisition.  When I was staffed, I began to learn that this client had been through many...

The Art of Client Empathy

The Art of Empathy as a Client Confidant

Since celebrating my fifth year at North Highland, I’ve practiced and refined the invaluable skill of client empathy that I feel is worthy of passing along to my North Highland colleagues. If I had tapped into this skill earlier in my career, I...