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25 Years, Side By Side

I joined North Highland in 2011 and was instantly put on a very large project to help a major telecommunications company in Atlanta prep for a significant acquisition.  When I was staffed, I began to learn that this client had been through many...

The Art of Client Empathy

The Art of Empathy as a Client Confidant

Since celebrating my fifth year at North Highland, I’ve practiced and refined the invaluable skill of client empathy that I feel is worthy of passing along to my North Highland colleagues. If I had tapped into this skill earlier in my career, I...


My First Day At North Highland

Picture this:  Warm breezes, gently swaying palm trees, frosty drink in hand, turquoise ocean lapping against a crystal white beach, and a feeling of total relaxation and peace.   The place – Koh Samui, Thailand where I was attending my...


I Share A Birthday With North Highland!

April Fool’s Day is an awesome day to have as your birthday. Actually, not really, April Fool’s… For most of my life growing up, my birthday was associated with pranks, jokes, and surprise birthday parties (seriously, you would think I...


ACMP Change Connect 4 Symposium

The North Highland Portland office recently sponsored the Pacific Northwest Network ACMP Change Connect 4 Symposium and I had a chance to attend along with David Fisher and Dannielle Lowe from the Portland office.  The theme of the conference was...