A Sense of One Within the City of Houston

Today, change is the status quo. Fueled by evolving technologies, increased market competition, and shifting customer expectations, it’s not unusual for an organization to navigate multiple, large-scale transformations at a given time. A recent...

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When North Highland Met The Centennials

How much do you know about Centennials? What impact will they have on your business? Unsure of what this generation has in store as they grow up and their influence becomes even more substantial than it already is? A ‘Centennial’ is anyone born...

Wind power turbines in the landscape. A large number of turbine powers on a plain against a mountain backdrop.

The Future of Energy

North Highland recently participated in the Oregon’s Energy Future Conference and heard perspectives about policy and technology advancements that are reshaping the future of energy in Oregon and the rest of the world. A summary of some of the key...