Consulting Like a Champ: Time to be Innovative!

Hi there, my name’s Charles Heller and I thought I would share a few experiences of my foray into the professional world of Management Consultancy. If you’re looking at starting out in consultancy or want an inside view into what it’s really like then take a look. If you want any more info, have a look at our website

Having been at North Highland no more than six weeks I have decided the time is right to dive into non-client facing activities for a number of reasons. I want to meet different people, it gives me an opportunity to come back to Tower House and catch up with the guys I joined with, I want to help shape the future of the business and finally prove my worth as an “experienced hire”… despite having enough work to warrant cancelling a three-day training course as it clashed with commitments I had to my client. I’m sure I’ll find time somewhere!

The task is to help shape the company strategy for 2015, and my focus is innovation. As a company we do innovate sporadically and have come up with some fantastic ideas such as our Customer Experience offering and a Creative Communications team; both which are providing significant revenue for the London office and let’s not forget our cutting edge Digital team. We also innovate internally with our EnhanceU scheme and our Families. However, the board want more, and understandably so.

This work goes on top of the day job and thankfully I have been partnered with Usman who heads up the ‘Enabling Technology’ team and we work together to produce some options for the board inside three days. Despite the tight turnaround, the content is still good because we have spoken to the right people.

Milestone 1 complete, Usman and I now have to put forward our solution into one slide, and I’m guessing that using font size 5 is not going to be an option, so concision is key. Everyone has an opinion which is fantastic if a bit confusing.

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