Consulting Like a Champ

Hi there, my name’s Charles Heller and I thought I would share a few experiences of my foray into the professional world of Management Consultancy. If you’re looking at starting out in consultancy or want an inside view into what it’s really like then take a look. If you want any more info, have a look at our website

It’s week two with my client, and I feel slightly cut off from all my new pals who I started with. They are back at the office, and I’m out here although there are 4-5 other North Highlanders on different projects at the same client. There is a certain level of ambiguity around management structure, reporting and the overall objectives of the project I am working on. The project is my one and only focus but for the in-house workstream leads they are working on it in tandem with their day job so getting things done can be challenging. Don’t get me wrong, it’s exciting and coming from a job that was in no way stretching to this when I wake up not knowing what the day is going to hold – I’d take the latter every time.

My manager has come on board to add some firepower and get things moving. It’s great to see how he works, and we do everything in collaboration, so I feel like I’ve got real ownership on the project.

Peak trading is coming up, so it really is all hands to the pump! Every 2nd day the executive board want an update due to the size of the opportunity we are working on. This means more pressure on the major stakeholders, and I am trying to strike the balance between ensuring the updates have all the relevant information while showing empathy for their workload. These guys are specialists in their field, so I have to learn the business fast to build credibility as well as asking a lot of questions and building bridges!

Preparing for a steering group tomorrow that usually has five or six topics, but this week it is all focusing on this project. No pressure!

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