CX Insights Series: The Psychology of CX (Part Eight)

Customer Experience


June 10, 2016


Once upon a time, I was a wide-eyed psychology student who was studying concepts such as emotion, memory and behavior. Discovering I also had an interest in marketing and advertising (and an eye for detail), after graduating I embarked upon a professional career in that field, vowing to bridge psychological concepts with marketing and advertising constructs.

Never have the two areas of academic interest and professional pursuit converged as much for me as they did at the 2016 CXPA Insight Exchange, put on by the Customer Experience Professionals Association. Over the course of 2 days, I attended several sessions and panels focusing on customer centricity, designing for the optimal customer experience, measuring emotion and human experience.

A “Show & Tell” from the unlikely source of the CXO, Columbus Metropolitan Library pulled it all together. She spoke of a higher-level purpose around educational success in their community, and how she imbued a “Customer First” philosophy through all functional areas of the organization, right down through the design of new library buildings (which she also oversees). It hasn’t been easy, cheap or overnight, but now that she knows the deep, higher-level reasoning behind “why” her customers are coming in the door, she can design experiences that ensure her customers walk out of it satisfied.

I left this year’s CXPA conference more motivated than ever to create experiences on behalf of our clients that meet their customers highest order of needs and leave them feeling happy and fulfilled. Only then will their customers honor their brands with their loyalty and trust.

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