Driving Change & Sustainability – Treating the Planet as a Client

Here at North Highland’s London Office we’re doing a lot of work to change the way we work with the environment. Our UK Green Team work to continuously drive initiatives and events aimed at reducing our impact on the planet’s ecosystem and raising awareness of the small changes to our behaviours that can make a big difference collectively. Part of what makes North Highland a great place to work is that it gives us the opportunity to get involved in areas we have a real passion for. For those of us in the Green Team, one of those passions is helping to maintain the health and stability of our environment.

This summer, the UK Green team challenged itself to unleash our Green potential as an office. We set out to dedicate an entire week to promoting green behaviours and that’s how Green Week was born. Themed around initiatives such as saving water, reducing paper usage and minimising the amount of electricity we use, we challenged our consultants both on and off-site to do their bit for the environment.  Simple suggestions such as switching off the lights when leaving a room or changing our laptop settings to power saving mode helped our office take steps towards becoming the inner green eco-warriors we knew they could be. Green Week combined engaging and fun competitions with real value driving behaviours that we wanted to champion. The results were great to see and through our Instagreen competition we witnessed huge numbers of photos and selfies from our consultants being creative in their steps to go green. Whether it was defending their coffee cups from dishwashers, getting digital in their attitude to printing or even cycling the famed Smoothie Bike, we saw hug engagement. The smoothie bike that combined old-fashioned human-power and transformed it into delicious fruit-based smoothies was a massive success – a simple formula of fruit into blender, add a pedal-powered bike, one consultant, a minutes worth of pedalling and voila – one cold refreshing smoothie. It not only promoted healthy eating but demonstrated an inventive way to cut back on our electricity usage.

So what’s next for the Green Team? Well, we will soon be moving office! The team is very excited about the possibility of a brand new office space but also think that it is a great opportunity to make our work space as sustainable as possible. We already have our ISO14001 certification so it’s important we maintain this and look to even bigger and better ways of reducing our carbon footprint. We will also look at how we can reduce any waste involved in the transition, such as donating any furniture we will no longer need and proper recycling of old IT equipment being disposed. Proper planning and involvement in the design of our new office should go a long way to help minimise our impact on the environment in this significant change for the company.

With the impact of a changing global climate becoming more and more evident, now more than ever we all need to do our part for the environment. North Highland takes pride in the work we do and in making a positive impact wherever we work, that’s why we’re challenging ourselves to start treating the planet as one of our most important clients and unleash our Green potential.

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