Employee Experience (EX) Blog Series: Synchronize and Evolve Experience, Brand and Culture (Part Three)

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September 8, 2016

In the human era, people seek purpose and long for authentic and meaningful connection. When people find purpose and connection, especially with the work they do and the organization they choose to work with, potentiality multiples and lasting engagement ensues.

In our recent POV, Employee Experience Redefined, we dissect the power of exceptional EX as a new, critical point of differentiation for organizations to grow and thrive. Our Employee Experience True North Blog Series will highlight each of our five principles of EX differentiation in detail. Today we highlight the principle of Synchronize and Evolve Experience, Brand and Culture.


Synchronize and Evolve Experience, Brand and Culture

Differentiated EX demands that your brand promise to your people is an authentic expression of the culture and employee experience – and that organizations continuously align and advance these elements.

The authenticity of your promise is measured by employees’ perceptions of countless internal and external interactions and messages. When employees feel that the brand promise or declared expectations are not kept because they are not actualized in their employment experience, an engagement gap forms.

In all aspects of life, trust is built through a series of shared experiences. When behavior is consistent, faith in the relationship develops. When promises are broken or people are misled, the bonds of trust are breached. Broken promises imply that the offenders either didn’t think before making the promises, or don’t care that they’ve let you down. They’re also giving the impression that their needs are more important than yours.

Savvy organizations know that building a relationship with employees based on trust, meaning, and shared purpose drives lasting engagement, loyalty and – ultimately – better business outcomes. They are careful not to sacrifice their authenticity.

Santander is an organization exemplary at demonstrating the principle of Synchronize and Evolve Experience, Brand and Culture. Santander is a global multinational bank with a presence across Spain, Germany, Poland, Portugal, the UK, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina and the US. ‘We are Santander’ is defined by the corporate brand core values and aligns directly with the customer value proposition. Santander has embedded its EVP pillars of Make It Happen, Everyone Counts, Ideas into Action and Room to Grow in all aspects of the employee experience. The benefits that Santander has accrued to date include:

  • Positive perception of the Financial Services & Banking Industry compared to others with 4.57 out of 5 average rating
  • Santander brand rated highest against competitors with average score of 3.9 out of 5.
  • 70% reviewers on Glassdoor would recommend Santander to a friend.

Employees can be your most powerful brand ambassadors or your most destructive and, at times, imperceptible brand busters. Positioning employees as catalysts for building market share is surely the better option.

Want to learn more? Come back next week to understand more about our fourth principle of differentiated EX:  “Align Internal Functions Across Teams.”

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