Empowering Youth to Achieve Their Potential in Charlotte

In Charlotte, NC, a small non-profit organization set out to change the lives of children in their community by helping them achieve their full potential. With this mission, Alexander Youth Network supported children facing serious emotional and behavioral problems by providing them with quality professional treatment. AYN not only delivered an effective and efficient array of services, but found long-lasting positive ways to connect children with their community.

However, AYN faced a few challenges with their current technology environment. In order to carry out their mission, they needed to strengthen their IT capabilities. And that’s where we came in.

Our team was first introduced to AYN through their Skilled Volunteer Engagement Program (SVE), where we were presented with the chance to work with AYN. We immediately saw an overlap in values and knew this would make for a great team. At SVE, we also began an excellent partnership with Apparo, a Charlotte non-profit that empowers other non-profits’ technology capabilities to further enhance their mission.

In spring 2015, we began assessing their IT capabilities and realized AYN needed a clear understanding of their IT needs, along with possible risks they faced, and a phased plan that was financially feasible, but would bring big change.

At North Highland, we have a unique capability to provide business process analysis and strategic/technology plans; AYN’s need well-aligned with this core capability. In conjunction with Apparo, we organized the project from conception through recommendations – together managing scope and controlling expectations.

Because of our values and mission of Unleashing Potential Together, which closely aligned with AYN’s, we felt a close tie to this project and the core cause. The solution for AYN’s need was a heavy lift, so we supported the work with $23,000 worth of volunteer hours from our consultants. With this contribution, AYN has been enabled increase efficiencies through better understanding of their current and future needs, the ability to budget for technology expenses and support future rate of growth.  Today our work continues in an advisory role as AYN and Apparo pursue these initiatives.

*On September 1, North Highland received Consulting Magazine’s Social and Community Investment Award for their work with Alexander Youth Network, in partnership with Apparo. Read the full story here.

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