How to Master Your Customer Experience

Over the past year I’ve spent a lot of time in the UK, US and France talking to professionals working in both strategic and operational Customer Experience positions for some very well-known brands. These self-named “CX Passionistas” are all working towards the same goal: Mastering CX within their organisation. During our discussions, we talked at length about what each company was focussing on in order to really nail CX. I learnt that overall, there were 5 big CX areas that people were spending a lot of time, effort and resources on. Nobody was doing all 5 at the same time, but instead focussing on the one or two areas that were right for them given their priorities. For example

  • some were carrying out rapid CX design and implementation in order to find and repair broken parts of their Customers’ journeys that were resulting in churn (e.g. receiving a delivery, or completing a purchase, or getting help);
  • some, who were already well into the implementation of their CX roadmaps were looking at embedding CX skills, best practices and culture through enterprise-wide training and anti-siloed organisational structure;
  • and others were taking a look into the future of their market, business and customers in order to figure out what their next “big strategic play” would be that would set them apart from their competition.


When I combined all the amazing things each organisation was doing, it looked like this…


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