ICD-10: Are you ready for October 1st?

Anticipation of the ICD-10 compliance deadline has been building for some time, but the deadline is truly looming as we quickly approach October 1. The transition to ICD-10 marks a large hurdle for many organizations – with the roster of codes used to diagnose disease and injury significantly expanding – but there’s still time to minimize the disruption.

As we’ve talked with our clients, healthcare leaders and journalists across the country in recent months, we’ve realized the basic level of preparation has yet to be tackled by many. So, we’ve boiled down our final guidance to help ensure you’re ready for the switchover:

  1. I recommended asking six strategic questions about your codes, your people and your processes before October 1.ICD 10
  1. Our Chief Medical Officer, Ricardo Martinez, MD, FACEP, breaks down the basic tenets of North Highland’s CODES THAT MATTER®, as part of our Made Easy video series, such as identifying codes and conditions that matter most, training staff, and indoctrinating practices that drive the best data.

The most important thing to know? If any of our questions or tips are on your worry list, it’s urgent that your organization ask for help and take action right away to lay smooth groundwork for the transition.

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