Joining Managed Services – Action Day

In a nutshell, the most fun I’ve ever had on a work event. For me, it had a great balance between laughs and seriousness.

What was it?  The Sports Action day was all about the whole of Managed Services getting together and being updated on the business and all the accounts. As so many of us are constantly on client sites, we don’t get to meet and see everyone often. These Action Days give people the chance to catch up, learn about what’s happening with everyone and where they’re working. It also gives us a chance to have a barrel of laughs.

It started with lunch, and then everyone gathered into the main room and grabbed a seat. The day ‘kicked off’ with our referees (hosts) for the day. There was a management team (The Managers) and then the players (all the NHMS staff). There was a crowd warm up for all of us in the audience and then we were off!

Each presentation was themed towards sports.  The accounts used a particular sports theme with no two accounts using the same. We had golf, snooker, football and marathon just to name a few, and everyone got involved! Great team spirit.

After a few sessions, there was a new starter challenge! I’d been warned about this – with no idea of what I would be doing. I’d been told that the previous challenge was eating mince pies with no hands! Thank goodness I didn’t have to do that! However, I was down for a sack race! That was actually pretty fun – especially since a few of us were a little bit competitive! I won my heat but lost the final to my colleague Aaron (I had an unfair disadvantage of being the shortest! That’s my excuse ha ha!) It was great fun. Other challenges included an egg and spoon race and also a dressage course!

Fun games aside, I learnt a lot that day. The information given to us by the managers was really important. I think it was good to get an idea of how the company had been performing in the last year and what direction of the company is taking going forward. I’m super excited to be part of the new PPM (Programme and Project Management) division within Managed Services. There’s a big focus on driving it forward and making it as successful as the BA division.

When the Action Day ended, it wasn’t the end. Most of us headed back to the office for the Village Fete that had been set up. I couldn’t believe the transformation of the office! It was great! We had a beer tent that had some kegs in it, a dance area, village games like hook the duck and a nice food van serving amazing pulled pork and rice! I wasn’t able to stay that long, but a little birdie told me that some people stayed into the early hours of the morning! We sure do know how to work hard and play hard – putting emphasis on NH’s work-life balance! It was great to meet lots more people as the fete was for the consulting side of the business as well.

I’m looking forward to more socials as my time at NH goes on. I promise my blogs in the future will be more about work… pinky promise! 😀


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