Joining Managed Services – PPL Breakfast

So further to the PMI event that I was talking about in my last post, there was another event at ToHo, the PPL breakfast. PPL stands for Project and Programme Leadership and it is one of the five capabilities offered at North Highland. The others being Technology, People & Change, Customer & Product and Process.  The theme for the breakfast was under 30s and the topic for the presentation was ‘How the under 30s will make or break your project’. Many of the North Highland clients were invited along for breakfast and to engage in the activities around the topic.

The topic covered the difference behaviours between the different generations in the workforce.  What is the expectation of the current generation vs the older and next generations?  How will an organisation adapt and change to make sure that it is able to provide what, once was a luxury, is a necessity now?  Gone are the days of being grateful for having a PC.  The new generation are expecting the latest technology, flexibility in the workplace and accessibility.

The talk was really interesting to me. I was brought up with broadband basically. I have a hazy memory of when we had dial up internet and no one would make phone calls to your landline in fear of a very annoying screeching noise on the other end to notify you that the household was using the internet. I’m now so used to broadband and Wi-Fi it’s the first thing I look for when I’m out and about. That – or 4G – or food. I can’t even begin to imagine what technology is going to look like in 10 years from now. It was around 10 years ago that Facebook was founded! What’s next? I’d like to see time machines or something! I’m going to have to adapt to the ways that the future generations are expecting.

It’s interesting to see how different organisations adapt differently. When I was speaking to the table of clients at the PPL breakfast, they all had similar views on what they wanted to achieve, but the way they were trying to achieve it seemed to be a skewed variety.

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