Joining Managed Services – The Role

Hooray! This week has been amazingly productive, and I feel like I’m starting to make a difference to my client. I even added some extra value that wasn’t expected, which is always good and is definitely the NH way. We are all about adding value where we can. More on that a little later.

So, I thought I’d start this blog off by explaining a little bit about my job role. Part of being in the PMO (Programme Management Office) is about being organised and knowing a lot of information so people can turn to you for help. It’s also about supporting people and making sure things are going to plan or being tracked correctly.

As part of my current role, one of my key responsibilities is to make sure that actions from meetings are noted and followed up on. An easy way to keep track of this is to keep an action log. By using the log, I know when actions arise, what the action is, who the action is owned by (i.e. Who do I pester when chasing up on it) and when it is due by. I’m responsible for making sure the action log is kept up to date, new actions are being logged, and old actions are being closed down. This way, we know things are getting done, and the programme is moving forward, even if it is just baby steps.

However, it’s not just about moving things forward; the action log can also let me know why things are not progressing.  For example, if actions are blocked. That way, we can take progressive steps on getting the blocks removed and get the ball rolling again.

For any programme, as with any project, when timescales slip for any reason, there is usually a cost associated with it. There needs to be justification and reasoning as to why the delays happened and what can be done to mitigate these in future. That’s one thing that I love about my job role, the fact that every programme is different (even if it’s the same company). There will always be lessons learnt meaning a growth in my knowledge base. One of the things I learnt in my previous job was that, it is my job to be the annoying one! The one who sends constant follow up emails, makes phone calls and asks for five minutes of your time on how to better support you. However, by doing so, I increase the efficiency of people and make sure they don’t forget the things they should be doing, even if it’s a small item.

That was something I did this week. I remembered the things that my colleagues didn’t and reminded them of the deadline. Though it was a small action, the potential hold up that followed would have meant a delay in timescales.  So yes, I’m the person that nags and gets on peoples backs, but it’s my job and I love it! If you enjoy doing the same, think about a role in PPM!

In addition to this, on another note, I added value in a different way. My client had a letter, which was written in simplified Chinese that needed to be translated. Now, my Chinese, though fluent in speaking, is not fluent in reading. Even less so when it comes to simplified Chinese as I learnt traditional at a young age, but I was able to get the basics of the letter and my client was happy that I was able to give him a helping hand in understanding what the letter meant. Just other ways of using skills! It was the smallest help, but it definitely made me feel better about the years of Chinese school I endured at a young age – I wish I had put more effort into it then! But – it’s never too late to pick up old skills and learn again!

Speak again soon,


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