Joining Managed Services – Week 2!

Time flies – I’m nearing the end of week two at North Highland already (okay, in fairness – there was a bank holiday, so it’s a short week this week!)

I’ve been on client site since the beginning of this week and am really enjoying it. The commute for me is great! I’m used to travelling for over an hour by car so 45 minutes on the tube and walking is awesome!

Towards the end of last week, I attended my first North Highland Managed Service social, as there were drinks after work. There was a great turn out! Lots of people turned up, and I met loads of new faces – don’t think I remember everyone’s name though. There is a huge emphasis on social events at NH. As we’re a consulting business, NH makes time to ensure everyone meets up once in a while to catch up, network, meet new faces, etc. I think it’s great. You never know when you might need someone’s help on a particular project.  Networking is very important for anyone.

The second social is happening tomorrow – there’s an ‘Action Day’ for the Managed Services division followed by a full NH social back at ToHo for everyone! I’m looking forward to my first big social! I’ve also been invited to my family social. That’s next month! I wasn’t lying about the emphasis on lots of socials!

Anyway, back to work-related matters, the project that I’m working on is a fairly large programme. I’m helping to organise the work stream and make sure that the project team runs efficiently. It’s great working here as I’m exposed to a lot of people. Everyone has been really helpful in getting me up to speed with the programme so I can start to add some value.  I’ve done lots of reading this week, so it’s felt like I haven’t contributed that much. However, I’ve been told that that is pretty normal, and I shouldn’t feel bad. I don’t think this will last for very long though – there is a lot to do on this programme, and I can’t wait to get stuck in!

This client is also in a sector that I’ve not worked in before. That’s part of the reason I decided to move to NH. They have a wide range of clients across numerous sectors, and I think that’ll be exciting in the long term.

I’d best get back to my reading!

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