Joining Managed Services

Let me introduce myself. My name is Pamela Yeung and I’ve just joined North Highland within the PPM Managed Service, as a Programme Management Officer Analyst.

First thing’s first, there are quite a few acronyms so I will do my best to keep them to a minimum, or at least write it out in full first! Secondly, the Managed Service division is based on two disciplines;

  1. Business Analysts
  2. PPM

I joined with two new Business Analyst starters on Monday and I am the first PMO Analyst on board. It’s exciting times ahead as North Highland grow their Programme and Project Management Division. There’s a two-day induction that everyone attends when they join. It doesn’t matter what level you join the company or how much experience you’ve had; everyone goes through it to understand the foundations of North Highland and learns how the company operates. My immediate thoughts are that I can’t believe how well thought out and organised the process is. It’s the best induction I’ve been on and includes lots of colourful goodies as well as the important things like laptops (with emails set up already!) You learn about the history of the company as well as what they’re currently working on, their expectations of you, operational activities and are really immersed into their culture.

During my interview process, I was told a lot about the North Highland culture. Research on their websites and social media gave me lots of information too (check out the North Highland YouTube videos, Facebook and Twitter pages to follow what’s going on). I was already excited to be working here prior to me starting and the first couple of days have really reiterated that to me.

There is a real emphasis on the way that North Highland treats their employees, referring to them as ‘people’ as opposed to ‘resources’. Having such a small change creates great morale in the office, I find. Anyone and everyone are willing to help you, no matter what you ask – I’ve asked a couple of silly questions already!

Each person is given a great support system as well. This starts with a Counselling Manager (CM), a bit like a line manager. They’re responsible for helping you develop your skills and career. In addition, there’s also a work buddy to help you settle in and answer questions like ‘What do I wear to a client visit?’ or ‘Can I eat at my desk?’ – Yes, is the answer by the way!

The second day of the induction was information about the other areas North Highland works in, the training available (which is a lot) and I was also taken off site to meet my first potential client! Usually this doesn’t happen, as the induction is really important to go through so that you’re made to feel ready and pumped to be immersed into some work. It was really exciting though and I’ve just been told I’ve got the client so will already be going on site to work with them at the end of the week. Great start here!

I’d better get on with some of the tasks I’ve been set before I’m off site for the foreseeable future! It’s a shame that I’m not going to be based in Tower House (the London offices) but, most of us that go offsite always come back to meet people for drinks around the Covent Garden area when we’re finished for the day on site. It’s a great area for the offices to be in – just need to make sure I don’t spend too much money over my time here! Right – best head off and get back to my work.

Speak soon!


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