London is BLOOD-Y Brilliant : London Community Team Series

Over the past 18 months, blood drives have become a regular feature of office life here in London. Consultant Heather Parker spotted an opportunity to promote the National Blood Service and the importance of donating blood if you are able to within North Highland’s London office. She realised that we have an office full of enthusiastic people who are always looking for ways to help others. Heather began organising the office’s first blood drive in 2013. She quickly gained the support of North Highlanders from across the company, many of whom were more than willing to sign up to spend just 1 hour donating a pint of blood.

The Blood Donations team has since grown as Laura Hancox; an analyst joined Heather on the initiative in October 2014. Since then there have been a further two more blood drives, which are now run as blood donation weeks. This new format allows North Highlanders more flexibility when booking their appointments and in June we had a record-breaking week with 27 people giving blood!

Blood donation weeks are always advertised with campaigns full of ‘hilarious’ puns (“Always Give Your All, Unless You’re Giving Blood!”) and posters are placed in strategic locations around the office; the coffee machine, toilets and, of course, the pic ‘n’ mix stand! North Highlanders who have previously expressed an interest in getting involved by donating are sent emails with instructions for how to book an appointment during the next designated Blood Week.

Running the Blood Donation initiative with the format we now use is proving easy and successful. Each week proves more popular than the last and so far this year North Highlanders in the London office have helped as many as 153 people in need of blood transfusions as each donation can benefit up to three others. Donating a pint of blood takes just an hour of your day, and National Blood Services are always grateful of donations. Our next blood donation week in London will be the week commencing 12th October, 2015.

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