North Highland’s Emerging America: Taking Steps to Address Hispanic Health

57287105For several years, North Highland has been keenly focused on the topic of Hispanic health. Our concentration and passion, we’re proud to share, is culminating this fall through a partnership with Modern Healthcare Custom Media. Through a series of research, a roundtable conversation with nationally recognized Hispanic leaders, and a feature article in Modern Healthcare magazine, our goal is to shed light on how healthcare providers and payors are handling this rapidly growing, increasingly affluent, and young population in the United States.

Why now?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) May 2015 study on Hispanic health, one in six people living in the U.S. are Hispanic. That’s almost 57 million, and by 2035, Hispanics could represent nearly one in four. The CDC also noted higher degrees of health risk among Hispanics, versus whites. More preventative screenings are in order, based on 23% more obesity, 28% less colorectal screening, and 24% more poorly controlled high blood pressure among Hispanics. As the populations change, so must the way health systems serve those populations, and Hispanics represent one of the fastest changing demographics.

Perhaps most intriguing to healthcare providers and payors is the simple fact that Hispanics are on average 15 years younger than whites – so, preventative measures taken now can significantly impact the future health of the population.

Also interesting, healthcare systems are starting to follow suit of Hispanic-focused retailer advertisers. According to Advertising Age, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s 2015 TV spot ranked #1 of the most memorable Spanish-language ads among Hispanics.

Our clients are listening closely to these trends, and so are we.

Fletcher Lance and Dr. Ricardo Martinez, on August 11, 2015 in Los Angeles, before the roundtable discussion.

Early Learnings from the Modern Healthcare Partnership

The topic of Hispanic health proved to resonate with Modern Healthcare readers, with an above average response rate of more than 425 healthcare executives to our July research survey. In addition, the August 11 roundtable conversation we hosted in Los Angeles garnered an esteemed group of passionate healthcare industry professionals including:

  • Ricardo Martinez, MD, FACEP – Chief Medical Officer, North Highland
  • Bill Gil – CEO, Medical Foundations, Providence Health & Services
  • Beatriz Mallory – National Hispanic Health Foundation
  • David Luna – National Forum for Latino Healthcare Executives
  • Jose Santana – Board Member, Baycare Physician Partners
  • Deb Mulligan – Chief Medical Officer, MDLive

We’re looking forward to the “Emerging America” feature story in Modern Healthcare magazine during Hispanic heritage month this fall, and to continuing this important conversation with our colleagues and clients.

RicMartinezRicardo is the Chief Medical Officer at North Highland. He has served in senior roles in academics, government and business. He provides thought leadership and front-line involvement in transformation efforts of healthcare organizations becoming high-performing enterprises. Key areas of focus are physician leadership and engagement; developing team-powered value-based clinical processes to add real value and eliminate wastes; activating patients to ensure that shared clinical care plans are most effective; and enabling technology that supports, extends and improves the performance across the delivery system.

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