People, Process and Technology for the Public Sector in 2016

As we head into 2016, the public sector continues to be faced with new challenges and opportunities, specifically at the state level. We’ve highlighted a few trends for the coming year in our 2016 Outlook (link to PDF) that we think will impact state and local governments, including:

Workforce Brain Drain
More and more government leaders are looking at their organizations and their people with concern over the retiring workforce. It’s been called the “Silver Tsunami.” The questions remains if governments are prepared to back-fill those positions or determine a different way to serve constituents. Agencies will need to craft succession plans, invest in leadership training and refine retention strategies to address this challenge.

Data Management & Information
It’s no secret that all organizations, in both the public and private sectors, are trying to figure out how best to use the massive amounts of data to improve services. Government will be expected to operate as data intelligent as other industries and there will need to be a shift from data-rich to information-rich to meet this demand. Of course initial IT assessments are complex – the ability to implement will vary by state and maturity level. Starting small can alleviate some of the pain points. By developing a scalable master data management strategy, an agency or state can develop a roadmap based on thorough analysis (and in the future, take action with a solid business case).

Overall, the integration of people, processes and technology will provide the greatest challenge to individual agencies. With rising public needs and expectations, agency structures will need to adapt and transform, and new partnerships will be needed to provide a more complete pictures of constituent demands.

As public sector organizations strive to meet the higher expectations of constituents with limited resources and a retiring workforce, there’s a strong role for us to play helping them evolve and adapt to the changes and challenges ahead.

To download the full North Highland 2016 Industry Outlook, click here.

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