Technology Viewpoint: HRIS – Unleash the Power of HR

The times are changing…

At the bottom of the excitement list is often those systems that are really hard to change, but also ones that are critical to the way your business runs and how people feel. Over the past years of recession and starts of recovery, the business case for the HR system changes often got deprioritized.

Now we are seeing the investment in core systems really increase, with many organisations reviewing the current packages and looking to update or modernise their systems. HR systems are a primary focus as organisations are understanding how a good system can really help improve the hygiene and morale within the company.

But so has what you could do…

As HR Directors and System Managers are starting on this journey, they are realising the technology landscape has moved on significantly in the last few years. Software as a service is no longer a ‘potential option’. The benefits are now proven and companies are now reaping benefits. Also, Data Analytics is really bringing the power of insight to the users. Gone is the need to understand Crystal Reports or be technical – good vendors are incorporating the ability to analyse information into the core functionality and making it easy to use!

As companies embark on a journey to change, there is a lot of new functionality that should be top of the list to help Organisations really benefit from the investment. Processes that were previously cumbersome should be made simpler by the investment. You should be able to create an Organisation Chart and easily changing hierarchy. You should be able to integrate with the finance system or the intranet and not have duplicate entries. You should have a self-service portal for booking holidays and timesheets and this should be as easy as booking a train ticket!

Also, modern HR systems should help you delve into workforce analytics, interrogating the rich data set available to review trends (holidays, sick days, attrition). This should be reporting proactively and should not be a chore.

A HR system has the ability to unite an organisation across the globe – have a common system and experience regardless of country or language. It’s amazing how small things will make the company feel more connected!

As you start, there are a few things you should think about…

It’s interesting watching this area change so rapidly. However, companies should be wary as the old market leaders are now playing catch-up. We’ve seen some suppliers promise everything, but fail to deliver on improving the system experience or the supporting processes. It’s worth looking at the innovators and comparing like for like products to give you a real perspective on the options available.

The other area of change is how the finances are managed. Organisations need to move away from a big lump-sum upfront model to an operational expense model. To make sure you’re budgeting appropriately, the total lifetime cost is very important!

In summary, I really do feel the right system will help HR move from a control mechanism to a value adding support organisation. And with the advances made in the systems over the past few years, it’s really worth taking a look at your options!

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