The London Wellness Team Would Like to Say Hello and Ask: ‘What’s Cooking?’

Back in early 2015 the Wellness team in London bust onto the scenes shouting about work life balance and encouraging every single one of us to lead healthy, happy lives in and outside of work.

Sounds great, yes?!

As we often have our heads down busy delivering for our clients sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves and here in London the Wellness team are here to support individual’s physical and mental wellbeing. In a nutshell we want you to remember three things:

  1. Eat well – Working through lunch and grabbing a greasy burger whilst dropping half of it into your laptop doesn’t sound good to me. We all need to be eating well to keep us well.
  2. Look on the bright side – To have a healthy wellbeing it’s important to manage stress levels and maintain a work life balance. It shouldn’t be all work and no play.
  3. Get out more – We are providing cheaper and more accessible ways to stay active, and encourage everyone to get involved.

Throughout the year the team have already run successful campaigns such as ‘reclaim your lunch hour;’ encouraging everyone to stop feeling glued to their desk 24/7 and start embracing the opportunity to catch up with friends and colleagues – sombrero wearing optional.


The DLG team reclaiming their lunch hour

What’s next I hear you cry!

Next up, as part of the Wellness team’s campaign for eating well we will be encouraging North Highlanders to send us their favourite healthy, easy to make recipes so we can get everyone in North Highland cooking.

Once we have received the recipes, we will be posting our favourites internally and will publish them all at the end of the year. There will be a pair of tickets for a healthy eating cooking course up for grabs for our favourite! I’ll start you off with my quinoa with leak and courgette salad

Throughout the rest of the year there’s still more to come for the London folks with National Stress Awareness Day on 5th November, with the Wellness and London People team hosting a free Stress Management Workshop by Health Assured. Plus monthly yoga in the office meaning there’s always an opportunity to find that inner peace.


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