Why the Brick and Mortar Store Still Matters

It has become increasingly important for retailers to revitalize the in-store shopping experience, in a way that is compelling, interesting and personalized for an increasingly empowered, informed and socially connected consumer. I had an opportunity to share my thoughts on in-store relevancy last month for Total Retail in an article, “Retail Brick-and-Mortar Revitalization in the Digital Age.”

As the article explores, there is and always will be an emotional connection between the consumer and the retailers’ products, and that is no different for modern customers with the convenience of mobile shopping, diverse product availability, competitive shopping, online reviews, and social media influences. The brick and mortar shopping experience is here to stay, as evolving consumer tastes and shopping methods lead to in-store transformations and innovations.

Those retailers who effectively leverage the right innovative ideas, technologies and improve the in-store customer experience, while staying true to their brand, will thrive in this new world and attain the holy grail: consumer loyalty.

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